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Vijaysaar Wood Powder - Pterocarpus Marsupium

Vijaysaar Wood Powder - Pterocarpus Marsupium

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Vijaysaar Wood Powder - Vijaysar Lakdi Powder - Pterocarpus Marsupium

Vijaysar is commonly utilized in Ayurveda as a "Rasayana" (rejuvenating) plant. The bark of Vijaysar has considerable value in Ayurvedic diabetes management and is also called as "The Miracle Cure for Diabetes" due to its Tikta (bitter) nature. 

Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, Vijaysar aids in blood sugar management by avoiding pancreatic cell damage and boosting insulin secretion. Drinking water stored overnight in Vijaysar wood cups is an age-old method for controlling blood sugar levels.

Vijaysar's antioxidant action protects the liver from cell damage caused by free radicals. Vijaysar improves heart health by lowering the synthesis of harmful cholesterol and fatty acids, and it also controls body weight due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Other Names: Malabar kino tree, Indian Kino Tree , Asana, Beejaka, Peetshalak, Indian Kino Tree ,Vijaysar

Vijaysar may be useful for treating diarrhoea by reducing the frequency of stools and aiding in the expulsion of intestinal worms due to its anthelmintic action. 

Because of its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, Vijaysar powder can be applied to the skin with water to treat skin disorders such as inflammation and infections.
Applying Vijaysar leaf juice and honey on wounds accelerates healing.

Diabetic people should utilize Vijaysar with caution because to its blood sugar reducing properties, since it may cause a fast reduction in blood sugar levels. 


Vijayasar is beneficial for regulating excessive sugar levels by increasing metabolism due to its Tikta (bitter) and Kapha-Pitta balancing characteristics, according to Ayurveda. 

Diabetes complications:

Vijayasar's Kashaya (astringent) property also aids in the management of diabetes symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, weariness, and overeating. 

Bleeding disorder:

Vijayasar's Pitta pacifying and Kashaya (astringent) characteristics aid in the treatment of bleeding diseases. 


Because of its Kapha or Ama (toxic leftovers in the body owing to incorrect digestion) lowering capabilities, Vijayasar helps reduce fat, eliminate toxins from the body, and boost metabolism. 

Gastrointestinal disorders:

Vijayasar's Ama (toxic residues in the body owing to incorrect digestion) decreasing and Kashaya (astringent) characteristics help with irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, and indigestion. 

How to use Vijaysar Powder:

  • Measure out 12-1 teaspoon of Vijaysar powder.
  • Combine it with water to make a paste, then apply it evenly to the affected region.
  • Allow it to rest for 5-7 minutes.
  • Thoroughly wash with running water.
  • Use this therapy once or twice a week to reduce inflammation and swelling.


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