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Sanay Leaves Powder

Sanay Leaves Powder

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Senna Patta Powder - Sanay Leaves Powder - Senna Leaf Powder - Sonamukhi Leaves - Sona Patta

What is Senna Patta Powder (Sonamukhi Leaves Powder):

Senna is a shrub that grows in Africa, India, and a few different components of the world. For centuries, senna leaves and fruit were a peoples treatment for constipation. Senna is offered withinside the U.S. as each a complement and an component in FDA-accredited drugs.

Senna Leaves powder is a herb this is typically used for its laxative properties. Senna incorporates anthraquinones, sennosides, several minor sennosides were identified, and all seem to make contributions to the laxative effect.

Senna, or Swarna patri in Sanskrit, is likewise referred to as Indian senna. It is used for diverse medicinal purposes, such as constipation.

According to Ayurveda, Senna allows in coping with constipation because of its Rechana (laxative) property. Taking a Senna leaf powder in conjunction with lukewarm water additionally allows in coping with weight via way of means of enhancing the Agni (digestive fire) and for that reason digestion because of its Deepan (appetizer) and Usna (hot) property.

Senna allows in coping with blood sugar stages via way of means of growing the insulin manufacturing because of its antioxidant property. It additionally allows to get rid of worms from the gut because of its anthelmintic property.

Applying Senna Leaves Powder paste at the pores and skin allows in coping with diverse pores and skin issues like inflammation, blisters, redness etc. because of its Ropan (healing) property.

It should be saved in thoughts that immoderate intake of Senna may motive extreme diarrhea and lack of fluid from the body. So, it's far really helpful to take Senna as advocated via way of means of a physician

Supplemental use have to be mentioned with healthcare experts inclusive of registered dietitians, pharmacists, or doctors. No complement is meant to treat, cure, or save you disease.

Multiple research have examined the outcomes of senna in powder or tablet form. There are only a few research approximately the ability fitness advantages of ingesting senna tea. Most of the studies research at the fitness advantages of senna awareness on its feasible use withinside the remedy of constipation and different gastrointestinal disorders. 

Senna Leaves Powder facilitates in dealing with constipation because of its laxative assets. It includes sure components that assist loosen the stool and accelerate the bowel motion. It additionally promotes clean excretion of the stool.

Ayurvedic View
Constipation is induced because of an annoyed Vata and Pitta dosha. Factors inclusive of common intake of junk food, extra consumption of espresso or tea, sound asleep past due at night time, strain and depression, etc. irritate Vata and Pitta withinside the frame main to Constipation. Senna facilitates to control constipation with the aid of using balancing Vata and Pitta. It additionally facilitates to expel waste merchandise from the big gut due to its Rechana (laxative) assets.

Tips for the use of Senna Leaves Powder to get alleviation from Constipation-
a. Take 0.5-2 gm (or as directed with the aid of using the physician) of Senna powder.
b. Have it with lukewarm water earlier than going to mattress at night time to get alleviation from Constipation.

Senna Leaves Powder facilitates in Intestine/bowel instruction earlier than any diagnostic or surgery like colonoscopy which calls for a fecal rely unfastened bowel. It has a laxative assets which promotes bowel motion and facilitates withinside the clean excretion of stool. Senna Leaves Powder additionally stimulates the shipping of water and electrolytes which will increase intestinal movements. This facilitates in similarly cleansing of the intestines for Colonoscopy

Other Names : Sanaa Patta, Swarnapatri, Sonmukhi, Sonamakhi Leaves, Sonamukki, Sunamukhi, Sunamuki, Sunamukhi, Sonapatti, Sanaypatti, Sunamukhi, Cassia Angustifolia

Senna Leaves Powder may assist in sure Diagnostic imaging strategies which require fecal rely unfastened intestines. It facilitates eliminate fecal rely from the intestines because of its laxative assets with the aid of using selling bowel motion and selling the passage of stool from the frame

Senna Leaves Powder may assist control Hemorrhoids with the aid of using stopping constipation. It has laxative assets which improves bowel motion and promotes clean passage of stool. This prevents constipation and therefore the improvement of Hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids or Piles, called Arsh in Ayurveda, is commonly because of an dangerous food plan and sedentary lifestyle. It includes the impairment of all of the 3 doshas, specifically Vata. An annoyed Vata reasons low digestive hearthplace main to constipation. This reasons swelling of the veins withinside the rectum vicinity main to the formation of piles mass. Senna stimulates the digestive hearthplace because of its Ushna (hot) assets and facilitates save you constipation. It additionally facilitates lessen the scale of piles mass because of its Rechana (laxative) assets.

Tip for the use of Senna Leaves Powder to save you Hemorrhoids-
a. Take 0.5-2 gm (or as directed with the aid of using a physician) of Senna powder.
b. Have it with lukewarm water earlier than going to mattress at night time to get alleviation from constipation and save you Hemorrhoids.


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