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Salam Mishri - Orchid Latifolia

Salam Mishri - Orchid Latifolia

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Salam Mishri - Salab Misri - Salap Mishri - Orchid Latifolia

Form: Raw Herb

The scientific name of Salab Misri is Orchis latifolia; Family - Orchidaceae is also called as "Salep" in English languages. The tuberous root of the plant is called Adam and Eve Root due to its magical medicinal properties. It is one of the herbs that are very effective in promoting sexual health. This is very much use for treating aged patients because of its high nutritive value. This drug is widely used in the Unani System of Medicine to treat chronic diarrhea, bilious fever, syphilis, strangury, hemiplegia, dyspepsia, tuberculosis, debility, and helminthiasis etc.  It is also known as Salabmisri, Salep Misri, Salep Orchid, Salep Orchid, Breitblättriges Knabenkraut, Breitblättriger Fingerwurz, Salabmisri.

Other Names: 

Khusaa al-tha‘lab, Qaatil Akheehi, Salabmisri, Salep Misri, Salep Orchid, Salep Orchis, Breitblättriges Knabenkraut, Breitblättriger Fingerwurz, Salabmisri, Salampunja, Salamisri, Orchis latifolia Linn, Salamisri, Salab Misri, Khaya Rubah, Salammishri, Salabmisri, Munjataka, Salab Misri, Khusyatus Salab, Salabh, Salep Orchid, Orchis Mascula, Shalam


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