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Kaunch Seeds Black - Kauch Beej Kala

Kaunch Seeds Black - Kauch Beej Kala

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Kaunch Seeds Black - Kauch Beej Kala - Konch - Mucuna Pruriens Black - Cowhage

Kaunch is a small, roundish bean whose pods are surrounded by a fine, stinging hair. As the seed pod dries and becomes brittle, it will break off along with the stinging hairs which are then capable of causing terrible itching if touched by human skin or clothing.

The name Kaunch derives from Hindi word kachcha which means ‘raw’ because that is how these seeds germinate naturally – without any pretreatments. Beej or Cowhage is widely known as “The magic velvet bean”. It is a leguminous plant and is a good source of protein. A chickpea-sized bean, kaunch is widely known as “The magic velvet bean”. It is a leguminous plant and it is also a good source of protein. This exotic Southeast Asian seed can be eaten raw.

Other Names: Common Cowitch, Cowhage, Mucuna pruriens, Kawanch, Kaunch, Cauch, Kaounch, Macuna Seeds, Atmagupta, Counch, Kavach, Krounch, Kapikacchu, Alkushi, Kaonch, Alkusi, Couch, Dulagondi, Coch, Kronch, Konj, Kaucha, Khauch, Kraunch, Cowach

Freshly harvested kaunch has an interesting looking shape which resembles a cow’s horn or tail; hence it was named COWHAGE, pronounced as “cowhayj” in Philippine languages.

Cowhage (Cowage) seeds. Cowhage is also known as Kaunch is a leguminous plant that is grown in home gardens, farmlands and cattle farms. This sunflower-like plant has hairy leaves and produces small yellow flowers that turn into pods.

The name Kaunch comes from the Portuguese word ‘Kakana’ which means to scratch or stick to something. In many Asian countries cowhage is used as a spice similar to chillies, coriander and black pepper.

This is a great source of protein and nutritious meal for animals, especially horses. It may be difficult to swallow but it is very effective in treating various illnesses an several health problems. cowhage can also be used as a natural hair conditioner. Kaunch seeds are renowned for their narcotic properties. They contain L-DOPA, the precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which activates the brain’s pleasure receptors.

Cowhage is a strong antioxidant and helps detoxify the liver. It is also known to help with menstrual cramps, asthma and other respiratory conditions.  The Cowhage plant is a great source of protein and delicious when roasted, boiled or ground for soups. In fact, when the pods are dried and powdered, they form the spice known as Cowhage (also called Kaunchy or Cowitch).

Kaunch (Cowhage) is a leguminous plant that grows wild in most parts of India, especially in eastern states. Though the bean has been extensively used as a traditional pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrhoeal agent, there have been no scientific studies related to its medicinal properties. Kaunch seeds can help you lose weight, as they contain all the essential amino acids. They contain natural stimulants and also help to reduce anxiety, stress and migraines.

Kaunch Seeds is a medical marijuana strain that increases sexual desire as well as the quality and quantity of sperm due to its aphrodisiac property. Kaunch is known to provide relief from back pain and gastrointestinal problems. Kaunch Seeds are often used by women to increase their libido, reduce inflammation and vaginal dryness. It is also used by men who suffer from low sperm count or low libido.

Kaunch beej is a wonder plant, and its benefits are immense. Apart from its use in herbal medicine, Kaunch beej helps improve semen quality and quantity. It is considered to be an aphrodisiac, but the true power of this herb lies in its antioxidant property.


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